TOP 3 Glasses & Drinkware Brands in the US

TOP 3 Glasses & Drinkware Brands in the US

The quality of your drinkware is as important as anything else. You drink water daily, have friends over for wine parties, and gather up your family for Christmas dinners. It’s worth buying a nice set of glasses to drink water, wine, or eggnog. 

If you want to go for domestic brands, there are only three:

  • Libbey;
  • Anchor Hocking;
  • BenShot.

But don’t rush to conclusions. The three companies make amazing glasses, and the variety is impressive. Let’s review 4 options by two of the three companies, based on their categories.

  1. Glasses for Wine: Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate

These Libbey wine glasses suit all types of wine. Their main feature is the classic, universal design. You don’t want your wine glasses to be too thick, but thin ones break so often. However, these have ClearFire glass as the main material, which is very, very thin yet tough and durable. The manufacture is free of lead and the resulting products are very stable.

One slight drawback is that they have long, elegant stems, so you’ll need a tall cupboard to fit all of them.

2) TOP Highball Glasses: Anchor Hocking Heavy Base Highball

Highball glasses are the most suitable for those who enjoy mixing things up. Cocktails look amazing in these, and our best pick is the Anchor Hocking 15 oz. glass. A sweet bonus is that they are resistant to odors and stains, which improves not only their looks but the longevity as well. 

It’s difficult to break them as the base is very sturdy and the walls are pretty thick (yet elegant). A very good option for bars as well, if you need a universal glass for every cocktail.

3) Hit Mugs for Beer: Anchor Hocking Wagon Glass

Even when at home, drinking beer is much more pleasant if you have strong mugs for yourself and your friends. Anchor Hocking makes some of the best beer mugs with thick walls to keep the drink cool and a convenient handle. 

Don’t worry about mis-handling them and breaking too soon; these glasses can withstand some slight crashes. The mugs can be cleaned in a dishwasher, and you can put them in a freezer before pouring beer for the best temperature!

4) Best Glasses for Anything on the Rocks: Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Glass

The design of the Libbey Heavy Base Rocks glasses is the first thing people pay attention to. However, there’s much more, like the durability due to thick walls. The glasses can contain 11 oz. of fluid, and if you take care of the set, it will last for years!

We like the solid feel of these glasses, and they are easy to maintain. The set is completely free of lead and made in the USA.

Beautiful and durable glasses are a must-have for every house. Whether or not you drink alcohol, such glass will make daily water-drinking a delight. We hope you like this TOP 5 and will make the best choice next time you need a couple of extra glasses.

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  • Yevhen Smyrnov
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