Сurl hair & Hair Care

Сurl hair & Hair Care

Tight and soft curls are ideal for natural styling: they do not need to be twisted to structure their shape, and the hairstyle takes several minutes to form in the morning. At the same time, wavy and curly hair is naughty and more prone to damage, so you need to take care of them especially carefully, choosing cosmetics following the tasks.

The wavy hair has a specific structure and increased porosity due to the fact that the cuticle scales do not fit tightly to each other. Therefore, curls often become breakable because, with insufficient moisture, moisture evaporates from the hair shaft. Excessive fluff, resulting in static, is related to problems.

How to take care of curly fluffy hair?
1. Avoid harsh shampoos containing sulfates. These substances provide inappropriate foaming to cleanse the skin of impurities. At the same time, sulfuric acid salts can penetrate deep into the hair and dry it out, increasing dryness and brittleness. Therefore, you need to wash curly curls only with sulfate-free shampoo: it will gently cleanse the scalp and will not damage the hair.
2. Products for curly hair - masks and conditioners - should not contain a lot of silicones. These components form a thin film on the hair, which gives extra shine. At the same time, silicones can clog it and interfere with natural moisture. Therefore, whenever possible, choose formulas with a minimum content of compounds.
3. Comb the strands before styling carefully and using a comb with large teeth. So you do not damage the structure of the hairs and ensure that the scalp is massaged.
4. The secrets of curly hair care also apply to haircuts. So, masters do not use thinning scissors, which violate the structure and shape of the curl. A razor will do for this purpose. Another nuance is that waves look more aesthetically pleasing and are easier to fit into cascading haircuts with layers of different lengths.
5.Care for dyed curly hair should include cosmetics that intensively moisturize and give curls elasticity and elasticity. Already porous, overdried curls are subjected to even more stress, which must be neutralized by the use of moisturizers.
6. For styling, use leave-in creams and emulsions: they will help form the structure of the curl and make it elastic.

What to look for if you plan to buy home curly hair care products?
• Living proof Curl Shampoo. It is a creamy, low-lather shampoo that gently cleanses for stronger, more defined curls. You can order it here: http://surl.li/hyvca
• Carol's Daughter Strength Repairing Cocoon Mask. It wraps around curls and coils like a cocoon to lock in moisture. This solution is intricately formulated with castor oil, ginger, and wheat protein just for your curly hair. You can order it here: http://surl.li/hyvdg
• Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Divine Strength Leave-In Milk. This lightweight leave in conditioner spray is blended with castor oil, black cumin seed and ginger with heat protection up to 450F. You can order it here: http://surl.li/hyveo
You can also find more curl hair care products on our website: http://surl.li/hyvfp

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