Popular Cookware Products in the US

Popular Cookware Products in the US

The quality and state of your cookware can tell a lot about your household. High-quality sets don’t only look nice like in commercials but also provide cooking benefits. Protective covers make sure the food doesn’t stick; convenient handles save your hands from burning and straining.

But what brand and what set to choose? 

TOP 3 Cookware Brands and Sets in the US

We’ve asked US buyers and found out the three most popular cookware brands in the US and their most prominent products.

360 Cookware

The 360 Cookware company is very young, It was founded by Bryan Hurley and his father in 2004. They have adopted Vapor® Technology that ensures you cook food without losing any nutrients. Meals come out natural and very nourishing.

The products of the brand are subject to a lifetime warranty. Every set is handmade in the USA, in a facility with the Green E Certification.

Most Prominent Set

The best set is called the 360 Stainless Steel Cookware Set. The main features are:

  • It’s suitable for induction cooking;
  • You can cook without water;
  • It’s suitable for a dishwasher;
  • It’s suitable for oven use up to 500F;
  • It has 6 pieces inside (pots and pans of different depth and size);
  • It’s made from surgical-grade stainless steel.

All the pans and pots in the set provide quick and even heat distribution. The set is of high quality and very durable because it’s thicker than most sets of other brands. The handles are very convenient to hold and don’t heat too much.

The set is suitable for any type of cooking surface, including glass and smooth tops, induction top, electric and gas stoves.

1919 Cookware

The oldest of the tree, the 1919 Cookware brand is now owned by Regal Ware - the company focusing on releasing high-quality cookware for over a century. You get quality, great design, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Most Prominent Product

The Christopher Kimball 5-ply 10” Saute offers:

  • 5 plies of high-quality stainless steel;
  • Clean aluminum core for better performance;
  • Suitability for any cooking stove and surface;
  • Convenient handles that don’t heat up;
  • Suitability for use in a dishwasher and an oven up to 500F.


All-Clad was founded by John Ulam as an advanced cookware brand in 1967. The company focuses on innovation and performance improvement. The products of the brand are handcrafted in America, by Americans, and from American steel. It’s a fully domestic product.

Most Prominent Set

The BD005707-R D5 Brushed Stainless Steel Cookware Set consists of 7 pieces and offers:

  • 5 plies of alternating aluminum and stainless steel for even heating and durability;
  • Suitability for cooking on any surface with wooden and plastic. The cookware won’t be damaged even with the metal ones;
  • Non-stick properties due to the starburst finish;
  • No material reaction with food;
  • Ease of maintenance using a dishwasher.

Choose your cookware wisely because the quality and nutrition value of your food depends a lot on it.

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