The Libbey Brand in the US: What They Make and Why You Need It

The Libbey Brand in the US: What They Make and Why You Need It

A lot of Americans go for Libbey glass drinkware. The company is all about quality and durability. Their glasses are classic, long-lasting, universal, and pleasant to hold. But there’s much more to the company than just nice glasses.

A Brief History of the Libbey Brand

Libbey, Inc. is a widely known glass manufacturer, and it got the current name only in 1993. The initial name was New England Glass Company, and later Libbey Glass Company. The company was founded back in 1818 (that’s more than 200 years ago!). In 1888, the brand was renamed and the headquarters were moved from Massachusetts to Ohio. 

What Libbey Makes

The brand focuses on glass products, including tableware, stemware, and glassware. Before finding its main focus, Libbey used to manufacture automotive glass, light bulbs, as well as bottles. The products of the company are considered some of the best in the USA at the moment. A lot of Americans choose Libbey because all of the products are made domestically, and the company is 100% American.

Libbey Brands

The company comprises 10 brands focused on different kinds of glassware and countries where you can purchase the products. You can browse through all of them on the official website of the company.

There, you’ll see an overall description of the brand, its main focus, and even see some of the most prominent products.

Interesting Facts About Libbey

Here are some interesting bits of information about Libbey:

  • In 2018, it was 200 years from the brand establishment;
  • In the spring of that year, there was an exhibition honoring the company. It was held at the Toledo Museum of Art (Toledo is the city where the company was established). There were exclusive pieces by the brand from decades ago;
  • The celebration included a wonderful performance by the Toledo Symphony Orchestra.

Having a company that maintains its reputation over two centuries is quite impressive!

Libbey During COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused serious damage to the financial affairs of the company. In the summer of this year, Libbey applied for protection from bankruptcy. As a lot of specialists thought of leaving the company, Libbey paid over $3 million to encourage those people to keep working and go through the situation together. 

This is a very nice step, but prior to that, the salaries were decreased by about 25%. These were rough measures for saving money, but as the situation stabilizes a little, everything seems to be fine.

We don’t want to get into the affairs of the brand too much, as most buyers and suppliers are more interested in the quality of their products, which was and is high. Their glasses are very durable due to the rate of the glass they’re using. The styles are gorgeous and universal, matching any house’s design. Every buyer can find something suitable, and the prices are fairly reasonable for the quality and durability. 

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