Best Garden End Tables

Best Garden End Tables

A garden table is designed not just for dining. It is a universal furniture item that is aimed to enlighten your leisure hours, as in most cases, we got used to resting in our gardens. A garden table should be convenient and stylish, as it is a thing you are going to trot out. The main requirements to the best garden end table are:

  • It should be easy to store. You must not feel discomfort assembling or transporting it. 
  • It must be moisture and waterproof, as it is going to spend the majority of time outdoors.
  • It must be lightweight, so you don’t have trouble moving it around.
  • It should have a universal and neutral design so it does not spoil your exterior.

According to these and many other parameters, we’ve picked five tables to examine and compare. 

Christopher Knight Home Lola Outdoor

It is one of the most classic metal side tables that you can find online. Its dimensions are 19.25 x 19.25 x 19 inches, and its weight is 8.7 pounds. It is a round table with four uneven legs. The table is made from cast aluminum, and it is finished with bronze. 


  • The design is universal.
  • Though it is made from metal, it is pretty lightweight.


  • The table requires assembling, which means troubles with storing.
  • Curved legs do not seem too stable. 
  • The table comes only in one color.
  • The price for the table is about $100, which is high for the category of garden end tables. 

Conclusions: it is a pretty table, but you can find cheaper and more versatile positions.

Camco Large Adirondack Portable Outdoor Folding Side Table

If you are looking for the cheaper variants, we suggest paying attention to this one: only $20 of price. It comes in two sizes and different colors. Installation does not trouble either - legs must be unfolded, and the tabletop must be set. The producer claims it is a good variant for traveling, and we must agree, minding its ergonomics.


  • Low price.
  • The design is universal, and you’ve got a rich color choice.
  • The table is easy to install and carries only four pounds of weight.


  • The material is plastic, which means easy dirtying and damage under direct sun rays in time. 
  • The design is a bit plain. This table is not for showing off, probably.
  • The legs are situated near each other, so watch the stability of the table. 

Conclusion: there is nothing special about this table, but its price looks delightful for a budget purchase. 

FURINNO Simplistic End Table

This one is another cheap variant. However, it has got a pretty design. The table is made of two tabletops with four plastic legs. The tabletops are made of composite wood. The dimensions are 15. 60 (W) x 19. 60 (H) x 15. 60 (D) inches. 


  • The design is universal, so the table is good both indoors and outdoors.
  • For $36, you’ll get two tables.
  • Two tabletops mean twice more space.
  • The table is stable.


  • The materials are not that waterproof and stable.
  • The tables might require assembling.

Conclusions: it is a fine table for its price which is comfortable to use. Make sure to get it away from the rain. 

Christopher Knight Home 301162 Han Harington Outdoor

This table has a ceramic tabletop. Its legs and frame are made of iron. The dimensions are 13.75"D x 13.75"W x 21.40"H. It is another table with curved legs. Like the other table from this producer, this table has a pretty design. 


  • A beautiful table for its medium price.
  • The materials are durable for using the table outdoors.


  • The table might not be stable.
  • Assembling is required, which means slight troubles with installation and storing.
  • No other color schemes are implied. 

Conclusion: for its price, it is a good outdoor end table. It is not that universal, but it will be a good accessory for the majority of gardens.

Never Rust Aluminum Outdoor End Table

IT is a universal end table that will perfectly fit your garden, patio, balcony, or even home. Its dimensions are 16" L x 16" W x 17.5" H. The table is made of a full-frame that holds a glass tabletop. The frame is made from cast aluminum. 


  • The table does not require assembling. It is easy to store and stack several tables on each other.
  • The table comes in three color variants, which makes it universal for different designs. 
  • Aluminum is a lightweight material that stands for outdoor hazards perfectly.
  • $25 is a low price.
  • Legs that are situated on the perimeter provide the perfect balance.


  • There is a limitation to the max weight put on the table.
  • Glass tabletop requires additional attention.

Conclusion: it is a perfect purchase. The universal design and versatility are great for such a low price. 

General Conclusions

Among different tables, with professional design or not, we are choosing the Never Rust table as a winner of the top. It does not lose much in design properties. As for the options, it is the best due to its properties. You can easily buy several tables to make a large one. And even a single table will be useful in garden or small-dimension patios.

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  • Yevhen Smyrnov
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