Bath Products in US 2021

Bath Products in US 2021

Products for baths occupy a particular niche of the market. They are picked mostly both for interior and functional purposes. Today, we are going to observe the most popular bath products and companies that are presented in our shop.

Home Logic

The first company on our list is called Home Logic. The company is well-known in its segment, as it occupies a narrow niche of affordable interior and organization tools. The main advantage of a company is universal design and high-quality plastic. The company produces:

  • Laundry ware - you’ll find a set of plastic laundry baskets and tools for clothes drying. Laundry bins are of a big volume and still very lightweight.
  • Kitchenware is presented with various organizers for kitchen instruments and products.

The company presents several designs, which are universal and neutral, so they fit into every house. In our store, you’ll find a universal rolling laundry basket.

Baum Parker

This company occupies the luxury segment and specializes in laundry baskets with natural design. The basket is made of fabric with a tough carcass. A basket has got a severe design that will not spoil the interior. Prolisok, in particular, presents a grey basket with a closing top.


It is another well-known company specializing in various interior solutions. Within this brank, people will find everything from organizers to simple furniture (end tables, stools, and ladders). Prolisok presents you with two popular items:

  • A wastebasket from the Skinny collection. It is presented in four colors. The design is firm, minimalistic, and futuristic. The bin perfectly fits office cabinets, studies, and futuristic kitchens.
  • The second bin comes from the Twirla series. This basket looks like a can with a twisting cup. The item comes in white and grey colors. Like a previous Umbra basket, this one is made from polypropylene, which means a smooth surface and easy cleaning.


This company specializes in bath organization and interior solutions. Its main feature - reticulate metal drawers that are needed for storing bath equipment. Prolisok presents two items: a medium-size drawer with three sections and a large drawer with two sections. An additional surface on the top gives you twice more space to put all the bottles. Another advantage of the drawers - their versatility and comparingly affordable price. The proper choice of material makes it a pretty long-living instrument.


This company also specializes in the organization of the interior. As for the bath solutions presented in Prolisok, there are three items:

  • Geo Wire wall hook rack is a universal combination for bath equipment. A metal rack has a surface to put the bottles and bath items on it. A set of hooks is comfy for putting towels and clothes on while taking a bath. Black color and minimalistic design will be perfect for futuristic and loft baths.
  • The corner tower will be a pleasant addition to the previous item, as it is designed in the same manner. A corner tower has got three useful surfaces. It is a perfect solution for small bathrooms, where every square centimeter matters.
  • A three-tier bath storage cart stands aside from the other items of a company. It is a universal organizer designed for instant use near a bath or pool. Made of steel and plastic, the cart has got a universal mild design.


At the end of a list, there is a very useful item - a bath rag. This one, in particular, is an excellent rag due to its properties: double layered, made of 100% cotton, large-sized, and available for the machine wash.

As you can see, Prolisok covers everything that is needed in a modern bath. These and many other items presented here will make your times in the bath pleasant and remarkable.

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  • Yevhen Smyrnov
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