TOP 5 Online Stores in the US

TOP 5 Online Stores in the US

Today, with so many marketplaces appearing, it is difficult to find something small, comfy, and traditional. Indeed, such big sites as Walmart and Amazon conquer new market niches through aggressive advertising, constant sales, and holiday events. However, the marketplaces are not that universal and good: if you need a proper choice of a particular item, you will lose yourself in a pile of offers. Besides that, the principles of marketplaces are severe: even good items that are not as popular as others disappear and fade away quickly.

Luckily, there still are many old-fashioned stand-alone online shops. Here, you'll learn everything about the top five of them.


It is considered to be one of the most sophisticated and modern websites with apparel. The main feature of a website is the ability to try and customize clothes online before making a purchase. The other features are:

  • Different categories, including occasional clothes.
  • A good choice of clothes, designers, and companies.
  • Regular bonuses, gift cards, and sales.  

The website has got a pleasant design that every shop like this needs: white background, minimalistic decoration, and big bright pictures.

This online shop specializes in sheets, towels, and everything else you need for your bed. As for the functionality, it is a simple online shop: the items are divided into categories. On the website, you can choose the size and colour of an item, add it to the cart and continue shopping. The website itself has got a pleasant design that supports the atmosphere of comfort.

Prolisok, from its establishment in 2016, remains one of the best online shops for those who need new interior ideas. The website specializes in household items. You'll find these categories here:

  • Kitchen - bakeware, kitchen furniture, barware, instruments for cooking, containing, and decoration.
  • Bathroom - organizers, shelves, baskets, bath furniture and instruments.
  • Furniture - everything from stools and end tables to cupboards and shelves.
  • Dishes - glasses, plates, specialized dishes, and decoration elements.
  • Gardening - everything to make a garden a place for work and rest.
  • Lightning - stand-alone lamps, cluster lamps, and specialized lightning for different purposes.

All in all, you'll find everything that you can imagine and without what you cannot imagine your life. The most remarkable advantages of the store are:

  • Pleasant, light, and simple design with a lot of item photos.
  • Loyal policies were letting a customer reach the shop, exchange or return an item, and get feedback.
  • The shop works with the leading producers of the niche.

The variety of items will please every sophisticated taste. A wide range of designs and materials creates a significant choice - no one will go away without a purchase. Being a leader in a niche, Prolisok always develops and gets better every day.

This shop gathers the best designers to provide modern women with a variety of clothes and accessories. The store specializes in jewellery, clothes, light cosmetics, bags, and other style accessories. Cuyana features are:

  • Pleasant design with pastel colouring.
  • Frequent updates of the item list.
  • Rich choice in almost every category.
  • Cooperation with popular designers, including exclusive items.

Every woman seeking style renewal should visit the store.

Everyone knows this electronics retail network. Being one of the most popular offline stores in the US, its website is remarkable as well. A customer will find everything that concerns electronics: from computer details to DIY projects and home equipment. An aggressive but entertaining design leaves a pleasant impression.

As you can see, there are still many remarkable online shops for any taste. It doesn't matter what you are looking for. There is still a chance you do not face a marketplace. Visit everything we've told you about by yourself to make your opinion.

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