Why is the silicone baking mat need to be in the kitchen?

Why is the silicone baking mat need to be in the kitchen?

We will start from the comparison-baking mat vs parchment paper!

Those housewives who love to pamper themselves and their loved ones with baking know how annoying it is if the buns or puffs stick to the baking sheet. To avoid it, there are various tricks: foil, parchment paper, etc. But they do not guarantee a successful outcome. However, science came to the rescue: silicone baking mats are a new word in cooking. They not only prevent cookies from burning but also make the family menu healthier and much more useful.


Heat-resistant silicone and its properties

The silicone mat allows housewives to reduce the use of fat when baking to a minimum. If you have nonstick silicone baking mat, you don't need to grease the mold or the baking sheet, because the dough won't stick. Food silicone has the property of redistributing heat, preventing burning, and promoting uniform baking of food.

What is silicone baking mat max temp?

Thanks to modern technologies, this confectionery accessory can withstand heat up to 500 F, so you can safely put it in the oven without fear that it will melt. High-quality mats can withstand up to 2000 pastries due to the dense structure of the material. In the household, such an acquisition will come in handy.

 The best silicone baking mat will come in handy already at the stage of kneading the dough. You are familiar with the annoyance when no matter how much you sprinkle the table, rolling pin, hands, and everything around with flour, the dough still sticks and does not want to roll out. With a silicone mat, you can forget about this misunderstanding. Now you only need to lightly flour your palms, and the stubborn bun will not stick to the surface.


How to use silicone baking mat?

Managing the silicone mat is very simple: you lay it out on a dry and clean baking sheet, and put what you are going to bake on top. We repeat once again: no oil or other fat is needed. Silicone perfectly resists the sticking of even burnt sugar.

Care and features of choice

Caring for your baking mat is easy. Cleanse with soapy water, then rinse and allow to air dry.


How to use the silicone baking mat for the first time?

Before the first use, the mat should be baked “idle” in the oven for a couple of hours at a temperature of 450 degrees F. Withstood? Not deformed, did not have an unpleasant smell? So, you have purchased a quality product Prolisok Silicone Baking Mats. 

 What are baking mat sizes?

Thicknesses 0.03 inches is considered optimal. It promotes the uniform baking of products. Half sheet size (16.5 x 11.6") is the most US popular size for baking. 


As you can see, this impossibly simple and inexpensive accessory can make life easier for inspired cooks and turn any pastry into a masterpiece of culinary art.

 And what is the main reason to buy this reusable baking mat? You will get also our electronic version of the Prolisok book ‘Baking challenge’ with lots of recipes just for free! Hurry up, the quantity is limited!


Do not fold the mat. Keep it rolled if not use
Do not oil or grease the mat
Do not сut your bakery on the mat
Never use a cut or torn mat
Never use it on an open flame or on stovetop burners

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