Popular Products for Bath in the US in 2021

Popular Products for Bath in the US in 2021

What can be better after a long working day than a nice bath? A bath with heavenly-smelling SPA products that will relieve muscle tension and calm your mind! 

The variety of bath and shower products is increasing every year, and so do the sales. Back in 2018, the market volume was $41.5 billion. According to forecasts, the number will grow to $48 billion by 2022.

If you need a list of essentials, we have you covered with a TOP-5 of bath product types that are the most popular in the US this year.

TOP 5 Bath Products in the US in 2021

Let’s put some extra items on your to-buy list:

  • Bath elixirs.
    Enriched with rose quartz, malachite, and other stones’ extracts, essential oils, etc. Such “elixirs” can clean you up physically and mentally after a rough working week. Such products tend to be quite expensive, but even a couple of drops will work as an emergency when you need to be fresh and light for the evening. Your skin becomes softer due to mineral water and oils and the aromas help unwind your mind.
  • Perfumed bath foam.
    If you’re into aromatic baths and a lot of foam and bubbles, such products must be on the bathroom shelf. They are infused with natural extracts to help your skin recover, and the aroma will stay with you the whole day or night. Breathe a mix of cinnamon, rose, patchouli, and other aromas, and you’ll never want to get out of such a bath.
  • Detox bath salt.
    Lately, it’s all about detoxing your body and mind. If you have a packed schedule, there’s not a lot of time to clean your skin properly every day. We use phones all the time, wear clothes, touch things, and sometimes that harms our skin. So, at the end of the week, it’s worth getting a vegan detox bath salt and submerging in a world of mineral restoration.
  • Epsom salt.
    The most budget-friendly option, the good-old Epsom salt will fill you with renewed energy and help to get rid of toxins. It’s well-absorbed by the skin, prevents and reduces existing inflammations, calms down your muscles and mind. There are also options with essential oils like lavender, which will help you calm down before a cozy evening at home or a good night’s sleep.
  • Cotton exfoliating gloves.
    A bit more therapy for your skin, exfoliation with a natural cotton glove will get rid of dead skin cells without micro-damages rough exfoliators can cause. Such a glove stimulates your skin, improves elasticity, and gives it a healthy glow.

Buy only high-quality, reliable products. Your skin deserves the best! Bath foams, salts, exfoliators, etc. bring not only benefits to your body but the mind as well. Even a shower becomes a kind of therapy nowadays when deadlines and overall anxiety try to conquer you every day. Make this therapy effective on multiple levels!

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