New Products for Home 2020: 10 Best Picks

New Products for Home 2020: 10 Best Picks

Now is the best time to upgrade your home. During the pandemic, a lot of people choose to stay at home, and some might realize it’s definitely time to make it more convenient. While there are a lot of lists of gadgets and other products, we have made our own list, covering necessary options from different spheres of the household.

For buyers, this will be an update on the home must-haves of the year.

For suppliers, this will be a nudge to the needs of buyers at the moment.

10 New Must-Have Home Products of 2020

At least one of these items is definitely missing from your house:

  • An automatic vacuum cleaner.
    While automatic vacuum cleaners can’t take care of a severe mess, it can keep the home clean while you’re busy. A lot of people nowadays are working (even if from home) long hours, and cleaning afterward doesn’t seem like the best idea. So, such an automatic helper should become a decent addition to the appliance arsenal.
  • Amazon Alexa Hub.
    Back in 2019, at least 69% of households contained at least one smart home device. This year, the number is even bigger, so calling a smart home hub a must-have is fair. Amazon Alexa is one of (if not the most) popular home assistants. It provides a variety of skills, starting with adjusting a smart thermostat to calling the police when needed. There’s an IFTTT function (If This Then That) that will help you pair as many devices and give as many commands as possible. The Alexa family also has small helpers like Echo, as well as a touchscreen device called the Echo Show.
  • Google Nest Hub.
    Amazon Alexa’s main competition is Google Home. The hub contains speakers that dissipate sound very well across the rooms, as well as the Nest Hub max, which is a smart display where you can connect to all the services that are active in your home. Google also offers more affordable versions like the regular Next Hub and its mini version.
  • A silk pillowcase.
    Going in another direction, there are high-quality silk pillowcases that aren’t used just for aesthetics. If you have skin or hair problems or just want to keep them clean and smooth, a natural silk pillowcase will help a lot. Experts suggest training yourself to sleep on your back, but it’s difficult to get used to a new sleeping position, not to mention controlling it throughout the night. If sleeping face down, it’s better to do on a pillowcase that will protect your skin from deformations. And even when sleeping on your back, such a product will help your hair stay soft.
  • A bread-maker.
    Around 20 million Americans alone might be struggling with gluten sensitivity. There are other allergies, and the more chemicals we put in our food, the more intolerances we may develop. To control what you eat, a bread-maker, along with other smart kitchen appliances, will help a lot. Life is busy, but if a machine takes up cooking, you’ll save time and will still be in control of your gluten, sugar, lactose intake, etc.
  • A Bluetooth mug.
    No more cold coffee because you had no time to drink it or forgot at all. A Bluetooth mug will heat the drink to your preferred temperature anytime you need it. Just connect the device to your phone or tablet, setting the preferences. While you should remember to charge it, it’s easier and more comfortable than looking for a microwave at work or making a new cup of coffee at home.
  • Smart LED lamps.
    A smart LED lamp will help your eyes rest in the evening. They have a non-harmful glow, battery chargers, long working time, and automatic switches. The styles are plenty; you will definitely find something for your home design. There are outdoor models as well; they are water-resistant and will help you relax after a working day or watching the news for a long time.
  • Smart petcare.
    If you have a pet, it’s worth investing in a smart device for them as well. Automatic feeders will not only keep your pet satisfied at all times but may help you find out more about their eating habits. There are also automatic doors for little friends, water filters, and other appliances that will make petcare much easier and more precise.
  • Fitness sets.
    Staying at home makes us sitting more than usual, and a walk in the park might not compensate for that. New habits should be developed, and fitness is one of the most essential. Investing in a home fitness set will motivate you to work out at least 15 minutes a day or every other day, improving form and sustaining good health.

The list can go on, depending on your needs and the needs of your home. Once every couple of years, it’s worth upgrading to provide you with a new level of comfort. Tech doesn’t stay in place, and while trends come and go, some of them leave devices and goods that can make your life in quarantine more pleasant.

Buying and Supplying the Best New Home Products in 2020

As the pandemic rushes to change people’s lives, it’s important to adapt as soon as possible. The best adaptation you can do is to transfer most of your shopping or business online. If you’re a buyer, there are lots of sources where you can get the products’ specifications and reviews, which is very convenient. 

If you’re a supplier, going online and finding decent cooperation companies such as is the best decision to make. The quarantine doesn’t seem to end soon, and even after it does, people will already be used to buying online. So, it’s worth learning current trends and improving your business.

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