Kitchen Tools & Gadgets Brands

Kitchen Tools & Gadgets Brands

Kitchen tools and different gadgets are not obligatory for comfort living. However, they have a magic property: every time you see such an item in a store, you want to buy it. What will I do without this mixing spoon? Oh, that egg carrier is so convenient! Familiar thoughts, aren't they? Today, we are going to discuss a line of brands that specialize in kitchen gear.

Mrs. Anderson's Baking

As it follows from its name, this company specializes in gear for baking. If you are fond of this way to cook or would like to satisfy somebody with a special present, pay attention to Mrs. Baker's items. Though the items of a company of good quality, they are not combined with a single design. It will be difficult to fill your kitchen with the same design. Nevertheless, the company suggests:

  • A wide range of cooking tools, starting from mixing spoons and wrists and finishing with silicone brushes and pastry bags. The tools are made from metal or silicone in most cases.
  • The company suggests the widest set of tools to care about pastry and pies. You'll find everything from standard pastry cutters to such exotic tools as ceramic rocks and porcelain birds.
  • As for the dishes, you'll find everything to measure and store ingredients used for baking: batter dispenser, egg cases, flower boxes, etc.
  • A wide range of different cooking pans and forms for cupcakes and donuts is worth mentioning as well.


Being founded in 1990, now a company is a renowned producer of kitchen equipment and household accessories. The company managed to invent a unique design, combining high-quality plastic with glass and metal. The kitchen tools are presented with:

  • Universal and specialized knives and knife holders;
  • Containers for fresh foods and grains of different forms and materials.
  • Cups, bowls, and glasses for each family member, along with measuring cups and mixing bowls.
  • Kitchen tools: hammers, potato mashers, graters, presses, and stainers.


This American company is a wide-range producer of kitchen and bar gear. There is no narrow specialization: you can find everything that concerns cooking and food under the brand name. As for materials, the company specializes in stainless steel, high-quality plastic, and glass. The design of the products is aimed to create a modern or futuristic kitchen atmosphere. We suggest paying attention to:

  • A wide range of dishes and containers for storing products and lunchboxes.
  • A set of metal kitchen instruments.
  • A big number of tea and coffee kettles.
  • And an excellent choice of barware tools.

Lipper International

It is a small but remarkable American company that has won the hearts of many people. Unlike the other companies, Lipper International specializes exceptionally in different kinds of wood. Besides the kitchen gear, the company produces simple furniture for office and household item organization. The most exciting categories are:

  • Maybe, the best choice of different cutting boards, including soft bamboo boards and professional hardwood sets.
  • Wooden bowls and plates.
  • Wooden salad servers and hands.
  • Wooden food and wine stand.

Progressive International

This company specializes in various plastic tools. A wide color choice will make your cooking bright and fun. We cannot highlight special design patterns, but we must underline the versatility of each instrument. The company concentrates on the following:

  • Different tools are aimed to ease your cooking, starting from pizza sliders and finishing with cherry pitters.
  • Pay attention to a set of spatulas of different forms and purposes.
  • Colanders and mixing bowls deserve your attention as well.


This company provides customers with kitchen tools having an excellent design. The company specializes in plastic, metal, and glass materials. As for the instruments, it produces everything for cooking and baking. We suggest looking at:


Can openers;

Mixing and measurement bowls.

Cole & Manson

The company has a line of premium and futuristic kitchen gear. Made from glass and metal, the items will become a good decoration for modern kitchens. Pay attention to:

  • Bowls and containers for spices;
  • Holders and gear for fresh greens and grasses;
  • Bottles and containers for liquid products (vinegar, oil, etc.).


It is a premium company with a wide range of household goods. It uses glass and plastic to make items with modern and futuristic designs. The kitchen tools are represented by:

  • Trash cans;
  • Dish racks;
  • Holders;
  • Barware and tea infusers.

As you can see, you’ve got a rich choice of kitchen gear depending on your preferences in design and functionality. These companies have something to decorate both your kitchen and your cooking creativity. 

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