Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women

Women move the world. In every sphere of life, sports, science, and business - they should inspire others because we want to be like women who rarely leave anyone indifferent. Such women teach you that you can do what you dream of.

One of these women is Estee Lauder. She is a master of invention who has combined beauty and business. She has become a role model, and almost every cosmetic bag has something from her brands - Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC, Jo Malone, and La Mer. She was a challenge that proved that everything is possible - if you dare to dream, she created a beauty empire that still has a great influence on global trends.


"Glow is the essence of beauty," said Estee Lauder. An inspirational woman always looks as well-groomed as possible, but even in private she performs many rituals for her face and body skin that makes her even more beautiful and better.

"Confidence breeds beauty" is also a quote from Estée Lauder. Take time to inspire everyone with your good mood, confidence, and well-groomed appearance. Be brave, go your own way, and defend your point of view, and Prolisok Store will help you choose.

Here are a few brands founded by women

Rodan + Fields 

Rodan + Fields was founded by world-renowned dermatologists with extensive experience in building successful skincare businesses. World-renowned Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Katie Fields have solved various dermatological problems and changed the lives of millions of people thanks to their ambition.

Link to Rodan + Fields


"Makeup is much more than beauty. It is power." With little money but ingenuity, Zoeva Boiku went from selling a handful of brushes on eBay to having more than 300 branded formulas, palettes, and makeup tools sold worldwide.

 Link to Zoeva

La Mer

Although La Mer was not founded by a woman, it is part of the Estee Lauder group of companies, so it is here. 6,000 experiments and 12 years of searching led to the discovery of Miracle Broth™ The miraculous broth that is the basis of every La Mer product today is as important to Crème de la Mer as the sea itself. It keeps skin moisturized, young and radiant.

 Link to La Mer


Sisley - we want to note that the company also cares about the fate of ambitious women. Through a foundation, partnerships, and several direct sponsorship initiatives, Sisley is very committed to supporting women and their purposeful projects and ensuring their success, as well as helping those in need in difficult situations.

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