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Less is more: 5 minute routine

Reviewed by Hannah V - Jan 23, 2023
Facial care is a pleasant ritual that improves skin condition and prolongs youth. It is a complex procedure consisting of five steps. At each step, you need to use cosmetics that are safe for health and highly effective. We know what the 5-minute steps of facial skin care are and which products are best suited for this. We are happy to share this information with you! 

First step: make-up remover with micellar water

Proper skin care begins with make-up removal. It is the initial stage, during which decorative means are
removed from the face. The skin is also cleansed of dirt, oil, and sweat. Make-up removal is a must-have of the face cleansing. Pollution constantly accumulates on the face. If they are not eliminated, the pores become clogged, and inflammatory processes begin. As a result, the complexion deteriorates, and the skin becomes covered with black dots and acne. 

Second step: washing with foam

Step-by-step facial care consists of the fact that in the second stage, you need to wash with foam or gel after micellar water. Using regular soap is a bad option that won't work for you. When you wash your face with soap, the skin dries out. Also, do not rub your face hard, and wipe dry with a rough towel. It harms the skin of the face and leads to negative consequences. We recommend you our La Mer The Cleansing Foam, which will be an ideal option for your skin.

The third step: toning the skin of the face

Daily cleansing of the skin of the face is a process that needs to be paid close attention to. If you want to stay beautiful for a long time and not age, do not forget about such a procedure as skin toning. When you carry it out, the acid-base balance of the skin is normalized and its elasticity is maintained. The skin relief is also leveled and the appearance of the face is improved.

Fourth step: applying serum to the face

We looked at the first three stages of facial cleansing. The next step on the path to beauty is the use of serum. It is a cosmetic product created using active ingredients. With its help, the skin condition will significantly improve. Serum for the face is selected, taking into account what problem needs to be solved. Depending on this, serums are anti-aging, whitening, and moisturizing. There is an ideal anti-aging serum-Estee Lauder Night Repair, which will make your skin regenerate and stay young. 

Fifth step: applying the cream to the face

Daily facial care at home is simple. If you know all the subtleties of such a process, difficulties do not arise. And you can understand that after using the serum, the cream is applied to the face. Here we can recommend you our Age IQ Night and Day creams, which will make your skin look just perfect! 

Following these 5-minute steps every day, your skin will be bright and healthy! Enjoy!